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Our expert developers provide one-step digital solutions for startups and also for large brands


A Website is the first mode of contact for business with respect to the customers. In website design, we build your dreams so that they reflect your business in a way that is user and search engine friendly...


We provide great mobile experiences that assist customers in meeting business objectives and generating ROI. Reality technology has achieved the distinction of being the best in class mobile app...


The platform in which everything changes with each new release, Get your android games built by one of Reality Technology's best developers to keep one step ahead in this rapidly developing market....

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About Us

We at Reality Technology have built a flexible environment as a platform for businesses to grow and develop. We approach businesses with enthusiasm and help them comprehend and utilize cutting-edge technologies in their operations.

Reality Technology is more than a helping hand; we invest heavily in our company development projects and show business owners how to leverage technology to achieve successful results. Our development process entails resolving any issues that arise and raising a business's performance.

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What makes Us

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We provide On-demand IT resources

IT resources

We provide value for time and money

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Our models are customizable per your requirement

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We manage our resources for you

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We partner with our clients

Our Goals


To provide you with the most effective and appealing websites, thereby assisting in the growth of your business. We believe in long-term partnerships with our clients and endeavor to ensure quality and timeliness.


To actively endeavor to delight all customers who we consider to be our purpose of service. Thus, we will promote continuous learning, ethical business practices, and a success-oriented culture that will help us become a global technological leader.

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Have any Questions?

We have collated a summary of frequently asked questions that you may want to ask,
before engaging with us.

Will you assist in using the developed application?

We provide adequate support to get you off the ground and start with your application. We train you/your resources on the complete functionality of the application. We also have a support team to help you with your queries and clarify your doubts.

Can you help me with my website's content?

Yes. All of our proposals include copywriting and editing. Moreover, we create your sitemap and assist with the structure of your website's foundation during the planning stages.

Will you give us a ballpark quote on our first call?

Yes, we can give a rough estimation of costs based on the requirements you give us. But these are just estimates. We can make an educated guess if you have a list of all the specifications that would be required for your product.

What help or assistance will you provide after deployment?

Our resources are adequate and exhaustive for you to start working immediately. We offer training to your resources and help them be familiarised with the functionalities. We also provide ongoing support to help you with any query you might have.

Can you help with payments on our website?

Yes, we can integrate payment into your website environment. We do this using third-party integrations. You can enable options to collect, pay and disburse payments.

Can we discuss payments when we connect for the first call?

If you have a detailed requirement list ready during the first call, we can estimate the cost. If you don't know your complete requirements but only have a vague outline, we can still give an approximate figure, but that number will change once we are done with the analysis of your project.

How will I receive information about the status of my project?

We assign a project manager to each of our projects, and he or she is responsible for keeping us informed on the project's progress. We use an agile development technique, so we'll first gain the client's approval and then go on to the next level.

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